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St. Joes Night / Day Screensaver

imageA time of worship, a time of prayers ... This scenec picture of the hill where Pilgrims are gathered together to meet old friends to sing old hymns and have good tea and a humble meal. Download St.Joes scene of winter snow falling in the nightime or daytime scene.
Download St.Joes Night

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* Old School Screensavers only intended for personal computers.

Nature  Fairy

imageOne Summer's day I took photo of my mothers beautiful cluster of trees and oh .. this would make a great scene for a beautiful Nature's Fairy that flies around every Summer's day when no one is watching. Thank you for supporting us with more scenic like this one.

Winter Warrior's Adventures

A Different Perspective
Winter Warrior Dancer had many adverntures this Winter of year 1820. First he found two swords representing the spiritual battle between Good and Evil, Truth and Deception of years to come. But first he must go to the "Reflections of Waters" to see as he really was and to overcome his greatest fear. He must throw away sel, his wants, his dreams to see if that is really himself. So the Creator begins to heal and strenghten him for the New Birth of himself through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Only then can he see what is beyond the future and his people far, far into the future. He prays one day he will see his great, great.... great grandchildren someday in the Happy Hunting Grounds. Many will be decieved by deceptios of evil men that have no regard for the good of the people, they are run throught greed and lust of this world.
He takes a big drink of the Living Waters of renewal of the mind, to clear his thinking and fear. He still ponders the two swords he seen that bright moonlight night and the other sword. Magnicent Swords to be used to ward off and kill invisable evil spirits. "This summer I must see them again." ... until then.... "Thank you Creator for the Living Waters, hiy hiy"

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Christmas Time!

A time of gathering and chat... a time of good tea.
imageChristmas Time... a time of gathering of friends and family ... or alone.. but none the less a Savior was born this day, maybe not on the 25 but a babe was born on that night of mother huge with child and Joesph was getting a little nervous perhaps on where to spend the night for Mary was anytime going to give birth anytime.. finally he had not choice but to settle on a barn full of animals but at least it was dry with clean hay to sit on... and then it was time! There the 'Star' shone so brightly at a little stable and then... there was the Babe.. finally! the babe called Jesus was born! so long ago... and we sit maybe in front of a fireplace or around the tree, eating the left overs of supper and tea in hand.. or alone haveing your favorite tea and a book or a favorite show... or song... I remember always Mr.Bean, always loved his own company... and we say.. "Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus"... Good Night and not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.... Noel

Download Christmas Time & Song
Winter Porch
Happy New Year! YouTube