"I would do it all over again, except the glitches"

Light in the Dark

Wings that flutter with sparkles.

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You Have a Voice
“You have a Voice. So use it. Speak up.

Raise your hands. Shout your answers.
Make yourself heard.

Whatever it takes. Just find your Voice…
and when you do. Fill the damn silents”

Keep Home Fires Burning


ComputerRezzed is Kehewtechs

Ezra Bergs: A time to change your name is when life goes from here to there... in this case another site. LOL
Kehewtechs was created in 2001 which was then building and creating html websites on a ancient windows 98 desktop computer when life was easier but now its so much happenings on the social side which advertising is much wider scope and with "a different perspective" you can promote that you as a individual can advertise 'about us' these days with a click of a switch on a cellphone through facebook, twitter ... of course which i love 'snapchat'. I still believe in 'Screensavers" when you needed them on the old ancient huge computer desktops which gave a permanent mark on the screen and so created the 'screensavers!!' And nothing compares in looking a moving waters or snow on your desktop and good job! Awesome beautiful screensavers that "Digital Artists" have created and not enough 'Praise' on that tech world. Anyway moving on to the App World of games and more games and all the media hype. "HELLO WORLD!"



A Walk in the Moonlight

Ezra Bergs: If i see you again. Come with in the glistening moon in June.

I was five years old and I was afraid of the dark. On this beautiful spectacular night, oh the moon so bright and shone everydark corner of the world. I could hear my brothers and sisters and mama and papa silently breathing and a light snore. “Oh!” I say to my heart. I want to go outside to see this beautiful world. How can this be! I crept ever so silently to open the door and outI went to see what this light means. I walked and walked in my moonlighted path, not a dark corner in sight. I was in awe!I did not look back for life was glorious to behold. And then I stopped… for I felt a chill and before I could recognize this dark world,I turned around and quietly saw a beautiful world again but this time to make my way home. I had a good walk in the moonlight tonight and silently crept back to bed to tomorrows light.


In Memory : RIP Katdogg

A Event of a time to be together when we fear the most and we go together with laughs.

Melvin, Delores, Desiree, Ezra and Volunteers/youths: Trent, Robin, and the rest of the gang"

Published on Oct 30, 2013Teck Check. Sound and Audio for any event is crucial and this event is like no other held on the Kehewin Indian Reserve.

Friends and Family get together to celebrate Halloween by creating a trail filled with many chambers of goulish adventures in the smoked filled night. We welcome your visit and we do charge a fee for this adventure as it is only done for several nights in the fall. B0000000000ooooooo This years adventures welcomed this years many hidden gouls and goblins throughout the trail and were frightened only for a second and laughed out of the experience as there were many repeat adventures. There were many locals available to test out the trail to make sure all the corners were rounded off.