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Yellow Sunshine Fairy Screensaver - 12.50

Everlasting Beautiful Mystical and beautiful she is with sparkles in her wings.She brings good news and bravery in the day to light your path in the night. Don’t be afraid she says, “I will guide your way to the wisdom so you won’t fall … oh look! there is Wisdom! as she smiles and says, ‘goodbye’.

This screensaver is intended for desktop/laptop.

Sword of the Spirit

Traditional “Dancer” finds Treasure in his path. Moon light & Snow falling gently. ahhh he wonders at these two Swords! Where could they come from? Such fine designs and craftsmanship of the two swords. What Two New Worlds are they bringing? Winter says, ‘I shall take one but which one?’ hmmm, One sword was to kill unseen enemies in the spirit. The other sword is to kill the enemy or a animal to eat. “I will take the one with to kill a animal to feed my family, for this was a powerful sword that never misses and can give you great many pelts if thrown at the right aim. His family was never hungry and rich in clothes and homes.Many years have passed that Dancer wonders what could of happened if he choose the “Sword ot the Spirit”? If only if I could have took this sword for I’m being tormented from these dreams of wars and famine in the land. “I will go searching for the “Sword of the Spirit.” View the Screensaver Page in this this website.

Reflections in the Water

By Ezra Bergsma

image Warrior is thinking and pondering what is this ‘Reflections” of the pond and if he should take a cool quenching drink for he traveled a distance from hunting. Water reflection and snow falling.He thinks about his past and wonders if his choices in life were beneficial to him or superficial.He remembers the man who said that your not native if you don’t take the dance and song of traditional way of life but then he looks at his reflection naked as a babe in the womb of his mother when the Creator made all mankind of red, yellow, black and white. When God said to him,”I created you to replenish the earth of your kind and all the earth i give you.” He decides that he didn’t need anything to be a more of a native, Chinese, black or white. For the Creator that made the sun, moon, earth and every living creature did not make a mistake. In what he God created, his sense of smell, his sight, his wits is what Creator made and what he carried did not define who he was. Tomorrow he will be native and the next day and till the day he leaves to the happy hunting grounds. And so he did not want to upset or demeaning thee Creator that he created wrong. Respect to the Creator. View the Screensaver Page in this this website.


Native ClipArts dedicated to Late Debbie Morin who left us all too soon but she did leave us cliparts to enjoy for classrooms, colorbooks for children and history of her memories of days of life in the reservation. Please link up at Digital Native Cliparts Page. These are free to download and enjoy.

I'll Be There For You
If you've got secrets you want to tell,
we can talk all day long. If your dreams get broken somehow. I'll remind you that you belong. If you need someplace to hide, you can hold my hand for a while. If your sky begins to fall, I'll stay with you 'til you smile. Whenever you need some space, there's my room - you can take it. If someone breaks your heart, together we'll unbreak it. When you feel sad or empty inside. I'll show you your not alone. If you get lost out there, I'll come and take you home. I'll go with you somewhere else, when you need to get away. And when nothing seems to be going right and you need a friend...I'll stay. ~ Written by Ashley Rice



Searching for the 'Sword of the Spirit

Winter Dancer Ponders
Winter Dancer finds Treasure in his path...Enjoy this Sword of the Spirit Background thunder and rain nature sound background. Rain and Thunder.Dancer had spent the whole week searching the sword but no prevail for the forest have changed of new growths of young trees and tangled bush and snow mixed with morning rain. It was raining and can hear the thunder about his head and spotted a clearing in the bushes. .. and there it was, just as he left the sword of so many years ago. As if its been waiting patiently for him. He moves towards it and watches the sword and almost afraid to reach for the soft glittering sword but assured of the peace it surrounded the sword. The he picks up the sword! and immediately fills him with a peaceful presence around him and immediately shows what is troubling up and shows the curses he picked up at the wrong places that he should not have attended and shows him Words of the Spirit to overcome and destroy the unseen ugly presence beings and went out screaming screeching back where they came form. Also the “Spirit of the Sword” shows ed him of newcomers who will come in great numbers of different colors! Sword of the Spirit told him not to worry for your people will experience famine, war and great loss of the land. He showed him this ‘Sword’ will help your people when your people let go of there selfishness of pride that hurts the people and forget to live in harmony and begin to take up old traditions to find there way back but you cannot go back to past as he set the Sun and Moon to go forward. Creator is not of the past but of the living for the future as new Springs come every season. New life of the land our born, flowers bloom, streams are alive again to feed you fishes. Sword of the Spirit says to him. “I will be here whenever you need me and Iam for everybody that is willing to go forward to a new land i will give one day and a new earth to roam around as you did when Creator created your people as in “harmony.” Go and tell your people.. so he begins his journey home with a happy full of the Holy Spirit! But wait who are these ships in the distance of the waters? He runs home and tells of this journey and about the Sword of the Spirit to his brothers. But no time to go searching and all was forgotten when new strangers suddenly came to the camp.

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